15 mayo 2015

MS Excel Most useful MAC Keyboard Shortcuts:

We have also listed few most useful shortcuts which every Mac owner should know from the beginning.

1. Command + W–Close the Active Window

If you don’t want to quit an app but just want to close the active window or current tab, hit Command + W.

2. Command + Shift + ~ (Tilde) – Switch to most recent window

If you quickly want to switch to the most recently used window of the front app, hit Command + Shift + ~ (Tilde).

3. Command + F – Search and find words

If you want to find a specific word on OS X, just hit Command + F on your keyboard to launch the app search bar.

4. Command + Option + M – To minimize all opened windows

Sometimes, we open so many windows while working on a large task. Now minimizing windows one by one becomes very hectic. By hitting Command + Option + M, we can minimize all the opened windows and de-clutter our screen.

5. Command + Shift + Option + Q – To Log out of your OS X user account

To Log-out of your OS X user account immediately, without being asked to confirm, hit Command + Shift + Option + Q.

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