27 mayo 2009

USBManager 0.9 - Gestiona tus memorias USB

USBManager es una pequeña aplicacion que te permite gestionar de manera sencilla y con un entorno gráfico tus memorias USB

USBManager te permite:
  • Cambiarles las Etiquetas "Nombre"
  • Identificar cada Dispositivo
  • Montar y Desmontar las Memorias
  • Ver detalles de cada Dispositivo

Descarga - USBManager 0.9

Para correr la aplicacion extrae el archivo y ejecutalo con:
$ python usbmanager.py

Tambien puedes hacerlo ejecutable con:
$ chmod +x usbmanager.py
After that double click it.

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Magnun dijo...


I’m the USBManager developer, thanks for help spreading my app. Recently I release the USBManager 1.0 Release Candidate, whitch has some new features and major UI redesign. You can see some screenshots here: http://code.google.com/p/usbmanager/wiki/Screenshots

For the 1.0 final release I’m trying to find some translators, currently it is available in English and Portuguese (Brazil), new features suggestion or simple revisions of the current features. Can you help me translating it for the spanish? The translating process is really simple! If you’re interested in helping the USBManager project in any way please contact me any time. The USBManager project is being hosted at launchpad (https://launchpad.net/usbmanager).

Thanks again…